Student Group Posters

Below are the posters of the student group projects funded by Semel HCI in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Active Minds Annual Conference: Art in Mind by Active Minds

An “Alternative” Take on Breaks: Social Justice Takes Center Stage by Alternative Breaks: Education, Service, and Reflection

Assessing Changes in Knowledge and Attitudes Among Participants of a Forensic Medical Evaluation Training by UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Café Gayley: Free Food, Kitchen, and Study Space for Students by Global Food Initiative

Coastalong Music Festival by Coastalong

Cook Well with the UCLA Public Health Nutrition Club by the Public Health Nutrition Club

Creating Space: A Multifaceted Project to Improve Lactation Support at UCLA  by Creating Space

Cultures of Collaboration in Health and Sustainability: An Assessment of Collaboration at UCLA by Global Food Initiative

DIG by the Campus Garden Coalition

Fitness Improvement Training Through Exercise and Diet by FITTED

Food, Education, Access, Support, Together by FEAST

Green Ribbon Day by Green Ribbon Club at UCLA

Immigration and Health: Status, Access, and Bridging the Disparity by David Geffen School of Medicine

Lotus Steps 2019: Li Bai Dance Drama by Chinese Cultural Dance Club at UCLA

Out of the Box: Increasing Use of South Campus Green Space Through Social Connection by UCLA Built Environment and Public Health Council (BEPHC)

Project T.E.A.L by E3: Ecology, Economy, Equity

Promoting Student Health and Wellness: IDEA Hacks by IDEA Hacks

UCLA H2O Project by E3: Ecology, Economy, Equity

United Khmer Students 22nd Annual Culture Night by United Khmer Students

17th Annual Latinx Community Conference: Breaking Down Borders, Mas Alla de la Frontera by Latinx Caucus at UCLA